Calling Out the Benchwarmers

Love, Self

Tap into Your Masculine Side as I use Sports 'n Cars to Kick Your Butt in Gear!

When you get down to brass tacks (okay, throwing in some Military terms as well), I really see life as only having two options.  You can make it a spectator sport or you can live it on the field making the big plays.  I've never had the patience to sit and watch others for very long.  If it is a chance to witness mastery, like Olympic or World Level athletes, I'll invest the time.  For the most part, I would rather be engaged and in action instead of being the quiet observer.

For some people, passively engaging in life is most comfortable.  That's an option...until it's not.  Until a major challenge tosses you into the ring and you have to get up and fight.  When my late husband was diagnosed with cancer, there was no time for benchwarming.  We needed to assemble a team, complete with cheerleaders and team mascot (our dog, Roxy).  We had to work with our coaches, the oncology team, to come up with a game plan and then we had to take the hits as we made our best efforts to win.  You go as many rounds as you have to until the referee calls the game. 

In our case, the outcome was not in our favor however, knowing that we put everything we had into winning that fight gave me a sense of peace.  I could not have lived with myself if I thought we had put in anything less than 100%.  Major challengers can serve as a call to action.  They ARE an opportunity to choose to get fully engaged to give yourself or your loved one the best possible outcome.

Have you had your "Where the Rubber Hits the Road" moment yet?  Check out that link to steer into the car metaphors and see what inspiration you can find when metal & tired meet asphalt.  It may be the kickstart you need to get you playing the game of life instead of watching it go by.