Bucket Lists ~ Why Bother?


Getting Creative to Turn Dreams Into Reality

You're right.  There's no point to making a bucket list if you never take action to actually complete any of the items on the list.  What stops some people from daring to put their dreams down on paper is the thinking that they don't have the time or the resources to make it happen...so why bother.

Years of being in film production taught me to work the problem, get creative and find a different way.  When we were doing student productions with no money, the limitation forced us to think outside the box, plan ahead and ask for help. 

When I couldn't afford to build a set, I found a fellow student in the Fine Arts program who was able to paint it onto glass.  Then my team got mentored by experts from the Canadian National Broadcasting Corporation on how to shoot through the glass to make it appear as if we had a real set.

When I won the Telefest Award for the video, I laughed as I read the congratulations letter.  A panel of expert judges acknowledged the incredible sets we'd built.

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