Boundaries in the Bedroom Could Save Your Life


Rising rates of Cancer due to HPV and you’ll never guess who or what body parts it’s affecting!

You can’t make conscious choices if you don’t have the facts. That goes for men and women. And, yes, talk about safe sex can put a damper on a romantic moment but so can chemo, radiation or surgery.

Your ability to set boundaries when it comes to your personal well being is a direct reflection of how much you value yourself over a need to be liked. If a sexual partner truly cares, they will want both of you to be protected. To refuse to be sexually responsible tells you a lot about who they are and how you respond says a lot about who YOU are to you in your internal life.

So check out fellow blogger, Roy Ackerman’s The Law of Unintended Circumstances to find out who and what body parts are at risk.

And if you haven’t yet tapped into your ability to set boundaries that honor you, check out Personal Responsibility to find out if you’re creating your life from a place of feeling like a victim of circumstance.