Are You Taking a Pass on Life...


...or do you reach down each day and dig to find the passion?

I recently returned from competing in the 2011 International Hustle & Salsa Competition.  I declared the week I was gone "Passion Week" on my website blog.  It was a tribute to salsa being the thing that brought passion back into my life.

Living passionately requires energy and it requires us to take risks.  It requires resources...and your soul needs it.  Pursuing Your Passion explores what it takes and why it is so important to make this kind of investment in yourself.  The article also introduces you to my Four Facets Approach.  In Passion & The Physical Facet, we explore how putting attention on this facet can increase your physical energy level.

A lack of mental focus is another way we lose energy.  Passion & the Mental Facet goes deeper into this topic.  I used this blog post to create focus in my own life at the competition.  I disclose the results of that experiment in Focusing & the Outcome (hint: there are medals involved).

In Tapping the Emotional Facet, learn how our thoughts can drain our energy and ways to create a shift to resolve this. 

If you feel stuck or lacking energy in your life, give yourself the gift of reading this series of articles on this new approach to thriving, instead of just surviving.