After & Before ~ Welcome


Welcome to the introduction of my blog ~ your invitation to join in on the ride of your life!

Welcome to my blog, After & Before. There often comes a time in life when something major happens and nothing is ever the same. It often leaves us facing the unknown…a blank slate…which can be terrifying.

When I lost my husband to cancer nine years ago, being widowed became my blank slate. I had no idea who I was, what I cared about, how I would survive the loss and, some days, I wished I would not. As part of my healing journey, I began to write…stories about life after loss and my life before. It became a way of remembering the past while moving forward into a future that took time to recreate.

My journey has been a challenge that has given me the opportunity to learn new tools, uncover my life purpose and become trained as a life coach. It has given me the chance for me to really get to know me. And now I help others through my blogging, writing and coaching to navigate the After of a life that has been changed forever either by circumstance or through an awareness that the one you're living no longer works for you in one or more areas.

First we survive…then we thrive.

• What have you been surviving?
• What kind of pain or loss are you carrying from the past that holds you back or creates fear in your present?
• Do you settle? Hold yourself back? Keep repeating the same default tendencies or old patterns?
• Do you know what you don’t want but are unclear of what you DO want…and beyond that, what you deserve?
• Are you tired of carrying baggage from your past?

Join me as we uncover insights, tools and resources to begin to generate clarity, unleash your untapped energy and help you create your inspired future. One of the greatest gifts of the human experience is relationship ~ to ourselves and others.

Using my unique “Me First” approach, you’ll discover how to strengthen your relationship with you, build your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-mastery. Are you ready for the ride of your life?