One Keystroke Can Change Your Life


"Click" + "Like" = Formula For Life

At the age of seven, I made a choice.  I decided that the only life I wanted was one where I was living fully and experiencing it.  Watching from the sidelines isn't enough for me. 

It's not to say there weren't times in my life where I ended up benching myself.  That's where I put myself during the years I was stuck in my grief.  But it was uncomfortable, painful and so foreign to me.

For me, it's about taking action in life...just check out my  Facebook page for the evidence.  So when I had the chance to win a $10K donation for a cause close to my heart, Relay for Life, I took the action steps necessary to put it out there. 

Watching the results of my post at first befuddled me.  So many views (200+) but only 60 likes so far with the competition ending Sunday, July 25th at 5pm.  Why the gap, I had to ask myself.  How can I explain the disparity between the views and the likes? 

I looked at numbers on other sites and while many didn't have an intention set to as for "likes", the formula is the same - most people watch, few take an action by expressing through a "like" or a comment. 

Closing the gap between viewing life and being engaged can be as simple as taking one more step, making one more single keystroke to be in action, participating, making a difference and leading in your life...or simple viewing life from the sidelines. 

Get in action right now by clicking through and then clicking "like" by the thumbs up in the lower left corner to be in action.  Now...what will you're NEXT action be?