Motivational Mondays for Your Tango Members


Start your week off on the right note.

I love Fridays. Not because I don’t thoroughly enjoy my business (in fact, I often put in tons of extra time on weekends) but because it marks the beginning of three days where I can find a whole lot of dancing all around Los Angeles (and not that I don’t dance on weeknights too, but weekends just seem to have more freedom to them when it comes to the experience of social dancing.)

Because of this, and because I was hearing people on Sundays moan about Mondays, I decided to create a shift around that thinking by finding a small tidbit, article, exercise or link to a resource that offers inspiration and motivation for the first day of the week.

This week, I will as humble as possible, say that the motivation is me ~ thanks to Diana Simon, a fellow blogger who asked to interview me after reading my story and following my blogs. So please check out her great Q&A for some inspiration on what’s possible in life, even when one of the biggest curveballs of all gets tossed at you.

To read more about today’s inspiration go to Motivational Mondays ~ Behind the Scenes.