Use These 'Power Sentences' to Advance in Your Career


A single word can change your mood for better or worse.

 A single sentence will give you a reason to move toward or away from someone who is speaking.

After years of listening, responding and experimenting with ways to get a point across I’ve put together powerful sentences that you can make your own and guarantee that others will respond in a positive way.

You can’t lead effectively unless you communicate elegantly. By elegant I am talking about how that word is used in science. It means the fastest way to get to a goal with the least amount of energy. Using the right words and sentences at the right time can inspire, acknowledge, intrigue, validate and include rather than exclude others.

Leadership development programs that teach platform skills must include this important area of how to craft sentences for success. This is not just for copywriters to gain your attention. It is for you to speak about the vision of your company, to engage customers, to encourage staff, and to influence those on the Board of Directors.

Think of learning the impact of power words and sentences as a training program in mental and emotional martial arts. You know the saying “The pen is mightier than the sword.” So is the spoken word.

This is an educational resource designed to help you do two things:

  1. Tap into your intuitive understanding of the power of words.
  2. Develop a list of specific sentences you can use at a moment’s notice.

Today I will offer my own personal “idea sentences” so you can get the hang of what sounds good and then you can use them for your specific situations. Practice may not make you perfect, however, it will make you more confident and capable to respond to anyone, anywhere any time.

Self-esteem and power sentences.

What do you think about yourself? Are you confident, unsure of your skills, happy, sad inside, or do you see yourself as just plain vanilla? Words are like an x-ray of your inner thoughts. The ones you choose and how you express yourself is vital for your success. Wait, don’t run for a thesaurus. It won’t really help. It’s better to use average, everyday words and weave them together using both logic and emotions.

Logic is only half of the equation. Look, all business folks respond to the logic of what is being said. Yet, if you sound like a data machine people will stop listening in less than a few seconds. You see, we need to include emotions when we talk. So make sure you have your facts right and then spice up sentences with emotional words. Just remember, as with anything else in life, overkill will get you shrugs instead of smiles.

If you are looking for a raise, a promotion, or a new position the following idea sentences are for you. And a word of caution. I am giving you great sentences to use so long as your skills are good. I do not agree with the school of thought that says everyone is an expert. That is something you earn with hard work and diligent preparation. Please, don’t manipulate. That may get you to a new level, however, it will also put you on the fast track for being fired. These sentences are not just a bunch of marketing gobbledygook, but a gift so you can present yourself in the best light possible.

Power sentences for moving up at work:

  • What you need and what I can deliver is a strong match because….
  • The opportunity to work together strongly appeals to me for the following reasons…
  • I am passionate about learning more and adding my expertise to this …..
  • My extensive study in this area will be of great benefit to your organization….
  • I am extremely well qualified to work on this project because….
  • I am deeply interested in adding my high level experience that will help make a difference because….

You get the idea. Give yourself permission to talk about your skills and passions in a positive way. The days of being quiet about what you do and who you are are so last century. If you are good at what you do you have earned bragging rights to let people know they can learn from you.

Did you grow up hearing it is bad to “toot your own horn” or “blow your own whistle?” That makes no sense. You have the horn, toot it. You have the whistle, use it.

The key to using power words and sentences is all in the timing. That is another educational lesson for another day.

In the meantime, practice your sentences in front of a mirror or with a friend and let them become an integral part of who you are.

And here is a bonus power sentence.

This is one that I have used for years. Again, you must mean what you say for this to matter. It works at work, or at home and saves lots of frustration time and conflict.

  • “What you say (or do) means a lot to me.”

That’s it, let others know that they matter to you. Short and simple.

And by the way, “I appreciate you reading this post and it would mean a lot to me to hear from you.”

Dr. Sylvia Lafair is president of Creative Energy Options, Inc., a global consulting firm. Her focus on people skills takes her to Fortune 500 companies, family firms, and entrepreneurial companies where she helps develop solid teams and heighten productivity. Her Total Leadership Connections™ program has been named one of the top leadership programs by H.R.com. Her award winning books include "Gutsy: How Women Leaders Make Change" and “Don’t Bring It to Work.”  Pick up a bonus of Dr. Lafair’s 79 Power Sentences and be sure to schedule your free career strategy session today!

This article was originally published at National Business Journal - Atlanta. Reprinted with permission from the author.