Date Etiquette: 8 Dos And Don'ts

couple eating dinner

5. Do ask open-ended questions. To keep the conversation flowing naturally, ask questions that encourage answers in paragraphs rather than "yes/no" answers. For instance, try "What do you do for fun?" instead of "Do you play tennis?".

6. Do politely interrupt. If it feels like you're just doing all the asking and your partner is doing all the talking, balance it out by sharing your own answers when your date pauses. If it's been a 10-minute one-sided discourse about stamp collecting, you can say "It sounds like you've got some great collectibles there. My favorite hobby is salsa dancing. I've been taking lessons once a week at the community center. It's great exercise and makes me feel like I'm visiting a tropical paradise..."

7. Don't be late. Try your very best to be on time or, if possible, early for a date. Arriving late signals to your date that you had better things to do than honor his/her time with a prompt arrival. 5 Dating Tips For Busy People

8. Do maintain an open mindset. Don't let one minor snafu ruin an entire date. So you spilled your wine within five minutes of meeting this new guy? Let it go! The only thing worse than spilled wine is fixating on it for the rest of the meal. Be present.

Likewise, when you part ways, don't jump to any fixed conclusions about the date. Don't feel like you have to make a judgment call about date number two as soon as you leave date number one. Sleep on it. Allow your mind to change, as it certainly will anyway! If you're in a relationship, dinner dates can start to run together—but keeping an open mind will allow you to experience something new with your partner that you might otherwise miss if you're only looking for the same old thing.

Melodie Tucker, Life Coach

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