Date Etiquette: 8 Dos And Don'ts

couple eating dinner

3. Don't drink too much!
When you are on a date, you may be inclined to drink a little more than usual to help you loosen up. Ladies, do not by any means try to match a man drink for drink. And gentlemen, under no circumstance should you suggest your date drink more than she's able to handle. You are not in college any more, and your goal on a date is not to get as drunk as possible.

The best way to prevent yourself from getting drunk on a date is to never drink on an empty stomach. It is always best to have a meal or appetizers when alcohol is involved. A very good rule of thumb is for every drink you have, you should drink one glass of water.

4. Don't pick up that cell phone!
When you are on a date, be fully present in the moment with the person you are on a date with. If he/she set aside time to spend with you, then you should honor it and never take a call or text during your date. Nothing, besides an emergency, is that important that it cannot wait a few hours for you to respond. If you do need to take an urgent call or text, make sure you tell her/him who and why you have to take it, so he/she doesn't assume it's another man/woman on the other end. 10 Rules For Texting And Dating

Suzanne K. Oshima, Dating Coach

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