Summer Love: 5 Signs Your Fling Is The Real Thing

Summer Love: 5 Signs Your Fling Is The Real Thing [EXPERT]

1. Being together feels comfortable. Every relationship is different. None of these signs are a 100% certain indicator that a long-term relationship is what's developing. In fact, nobody knows for sure whether or not a relationship of any length will last for a summer, a year, ten years or more.

But, if you feel comfortable around the other person, it could mean that there's a longer-lasting relationship ahead. Does going out together fall into place easily? Do you feel like you can really be you and "let it all hang out" when you're together (within reason, of course)? Is There Any Way To Ensure A Great First Date?

There's usually a certain awkwardness when you're just getting to know someone. There is a point, however, when the bumbling stops and you realize you are completely at ease around one another.

2. You truly like and enjoy each other. While some couples thrive on teasing or passionately arguing, beneath all of the verbal sparring is a genuine mutual enjoyment in those relationships that last. The thrill of lust is delicious, but when you genuinely like the person you're spending time with, it's a sign that there could be more developing. It's not always a given that two people having a fling actually like each other. Pay attention to how you feel and let that clue you in.

3. There's a closeness even if you aren't "serious." Countless couples in long-term relationships report how close they felt almost immediately. They remember a certain ease and instant rapport. Even if this is the first you've met, a familiarity is apparent, and you both feel it. Notice if there's a certain intimacy that you haven't necessarily encountered with others you've hung out with or dated. 100 Percent Of Men Agree They Love THIS Type Of Sex Most

4. Actions speak loudly. It's the little gestures and actions that speak far more loudly than words. If your fling partner puts in the extra effort to be thoughtful, caring and romantic, it might be a sign that a relationship is in the making. If you realize that you remember the other person's favorite dessert or drink, or you go to extra trouble to make sure his or her evening is fun (and you don't have to), this might mean that you are in this for more than just a fling.

Look at how you both act toward one another, and this will help you know.

5. You can see a future together. Despite your agreement that this ends when summer does, maybe you daydream about a future with this person without meaning to. Your fling partner may have slipped up and mentioned going to some future event together, like attending a concert in October. Whether it's a vision of the far off or the nearer future, if you two talk (or think) about spending it together, this is definitely a sign that this is more than a fling.

We encourage you to keep communicating honestly and openly about what you want without coming on too strong. Even if you started out agreeing to just have a fling, if at some point you know that you really want more, find a way to check in with the other person. You don't have to declare, "You're my soulmate!" and risk scaring him or her off. But, be honest about how much you're enjoying spending time together and ask your summer love to commit to more than just a fling.

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