5 Reasons Why It's Time To End Your Relationship

 5 Reasons Why It's Time To End Your Relationship [EXPERT]

Here are five signs that your relationship might be over:

1. There is little or no healthy communication. Communication is absolutely essential for a close and connected relationship. If giving each other the silent treatment is an almost daily occurrence, this could be a sign of communication breakdown. The same thing goes for almost constant bickering, criticism and arguing. Take a look at the communication habits that you both have and how much tension they bring.

2. Promises keep getting broken. Trust is another vital ingredient in a healthy relationship. While it can be rebuilt after lying or even cheating, repeated hits can damage trust beyond repair. If you or your partner consistently makes and breaks promises to one another, even little ones, this could be a sign that you would be wise to end the relationship.

3. You lead separate lives. We're all busy, but there is a big difference between being busy and leading separate lives. Think about the way you and your partner spend your time. Do you sometimes create excuses to stay at the office or be with other people and not with your partner? Does your partner seem to always be off doing his or her thing that you don't like or aren't interested in?

4. You can't remember the last time you had fun together. Again, look at how you and your partner tend to spend your time. When you are together, do you have fun or is it usually tense and contentious? Think back to the last time you two shared laughs or truly enjoyed one another's company. How far back do you have to go to find a memory like this?

If your relationship has been troubled, it might be months or even years ago that you and your partner last had fun together. Pay attention to whether or not tensions between you seem to be getting more or less intense.

5. You can't envision a happy future together. Picture yourself in the most relaxing location you can think of. This might be your dream vacation spot but in your imagination, is your partner there with you? This is important to notice. As you envision the kind of happy and fulfilling future you want, can you easily see your partner fitting in? If your partner doesn't seem to fit with what you desire for your future, give serious thought to whether or not staying in the relationship is wise for you.

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Remember, this is your decision to make and every relationship is unique. Consider the facts of your current situation and listen to what you truly want as you choose whether to stay in or leave your relationship. Summer Love: 5 Signs Your Fling Is The Real Thing

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