Rush Limbaugh's Bold Remarks On Relationships & Marriage

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Limbaugh's derogatory remarks do nothing but kill relationships and marriages!

Here's the big problem that gets created when these kinds of attitudes prevail:

Women shut down their sexuality, even with a spouse and even in the privacy of their own bedroom because society has drummed it into their heads that they will be labeled "sluts" or "prostitutes" if they ask for what they want and dare to enjoy themselves. So they don't. Men complain that women won't open sexually to them as often as they want and unwittingly wonder why. Even if he himself hasn't made comments like these, his fellow brothers have made it plain that they support this kind of attitude.

The unwanted result is that she shuts down and he retreats into his "man-cave" by both missing the love, passion and connection that they could have had. When sexuality dies between two people, they often stop communicating, they stop being kind to each other, they stop having fun together and their relationship crumbles. With the divorce rates at an all-time high, it seems that people like Rush Limbaugh who supposedly are in favor of marriage need to stop and see what effects their inflammatory comments have on the actual health of committed relationships and marriages.
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