Women do the Choosing—Part 2

Love, Heartbreak

And women do the ending in relationship...

Relationship is the foundation for everything that both men and women do on the planet. It is important to both and yet priority wise men and women are different. Both men and women can go out into the hard cruel world and get beaten up and abused, taken advantage of, yelled at, cursed at, fight traffic battles and bureaucracy all day, as long as there is somewhere to rejuvenate and someone who believes in them. A good relationship can provide the rock solid foundation to do just that. The commitment is a personal vow, made by each person to be together. When there is a bond that strong between two people, they really can endure and conquer any challenge.

Women thrive on relating.  Men do not relate on the same level.  Men find comfort in their relationships somewhat similar to how they find comfort in their old jeans, their recliner chair and their car.  As long as it fits, feels good and gets them where they want to be, they are satisfied.

Men want their women to be happy. They want to be comfortable in their home.  They will tolerate a lot of abuse from the woman they love as long as they feel comfortable and get sex. Men do not leave until they have been dismissed. Even when it appears that a man has left a relationship, it is likely that the woman has finished with him and sub consciously dismissed him because he has severely disappointed her in some way.  This is an example of how women do the ending of relationships.

Women strive for perfection; they are always looking for more. They frequently will choose a man with potential and then try to mold that potential into their vision.  There is a difference between nagging your man to make more money or do more around the house and  having a vision that includes his dream and believing in him until he produces that dream.

It’s interesting that feminine power has more to do with self-esteem than any other issue. A man will produce for a woman. That's instinctual. He will seek her approval and he wants to please her. He needs direction, and if a woman cannot express her appetite and ask for the things she needs, he will not provide them, and she will be disappointed.

Women have the ability to empower and also to be very mean. It is interesting to note that a woman will not express her meanness to a man until she is sure that he loves her.  For many women, meanness is an act of love. The fact that a woman has chosen this man to receive her anger indicates that she loves him and she trusts that he loves her and will not leave her. Women always have the choice to increase or temper their meanness if their man leaves clues that he is about to make an exit and she really does want that. This is actually one of a woman’s favorite ways to dismiss a man, end the relationship and still maintain that she is a victim of abandonment.

Dismissal is the only way that men leave a relationship, and it’s important for all women who think they have no power, to understand this:
•  Women do the choosing
•  Women also do the ending
•  Men disappear but only after they have been dismissed
•  A woman will only dismiss a man after he has severely disappointed her.

A man in a relationship will only leave that woman if she sends him away. This may not be a dismissive action. Apathy, boredom, and silent disapproval, even on an unconscious level, can be construed as dismissal.

So women, if you want a man to please you, look for one who will produce results for you that you can be proud of, approve of, and believe in. Never settle for less than what you want.  When you find the right one, you will have the secret to how to get what you want from your man anytime.  Own your power to choose and end your relationship.   Always choose carefully and once you find him, treat him like a precious treasure.  Love him, sex him, empower him, and you will not be disappointed.


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