A Romantic Love Story...Part 2


So now we were ready for some action. I told Rose that she had to meet 40 new men. She was shocked.

in part 1, our heroine declared she was ready to enter the realm of romance again.  She had been a virgin bride and was now a widow after 30+ years of difficult marriage.  Her three children had left the nest and she had recently participated in  “the teenage crush rejection experience” . 

She asked me what’s next?  I told her it was time for a mini makeover and to meet some brand new men.  Remember this was still in the 90’s there was no internet dating. She definitely had some work to do on herself before she was ready to meet
her soulmate.  We embarked on our mission.  First thing was to clean up her finances. Fortunately that was a pretty easy task since she had been working two full time jobs for a few years, most of the debt from the medical bills was taken care of and her credit was in good shape.  She was able to buy a little house in the hills, which was going to be the foundation of her assets.  Then it was time to renovate Rose.  We went shopping for clothes from sexy underwear to fashionable dating clothes. That was a big stretch since the majority of her closet was filled with scrubs.
We then consulted a makeup specialist and got her hair done. We found some new glasses that framed her face and we went to glamour shots for some new photos.

Our trip to glamour shots was a hoot.  We played for hours trying on everything from suits to boas and formal dresses.  We had fun. That is one part of the coaching experience that I truly love. The clients and I really have fun together.

So now we were ready for some action.  I told Rose that she had to meet 40 new men.  She was shocked.  Her first response was I only need one.  Laughing I told her that it was now time to expand her comfort zone and go outside of what her norm had been when it came to men.  She said she had no clue how to do that.

Now consider this.  She was a 55 year old very charming, somewhat naïve about the ways of men, woman who had never really dated in her life.   Here is the exciting part about Rose, she was absolutely determined to get what she wanted and what she wanted was a man who would love and cherish her who was interested in the things that she wanted to do.  Consequently, she was willing to do whatever it took to get her result. 

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