A Romantic Love Story... Part 3


She met several men who were contenders for full time relationship but none had really risen...

After dating George for a few months, Rose announced to me that he had one year total to propose.  If he didn’t want to marry her by that time, she was going to the balcony and yell Next! There was no question that George adored her and she adored him. They were very good together with both of them completely out of their comfort zones most days. 

Rose had dropped all of her other men and she and George had been attending plays, music concerts, and doing quite a bit of traveling together.  She informed me that they were going to Paris for New Years 2000.  Talk about a romantic fairytale ending to a story.  At midnight of the millennia 2000, under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, George asked Rose to marry him and she of course, said yes.  This is not the end of the fairy tale.  It is just the beginning.  To be continued. 

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