How Would You Feel About Looking Younger?

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Could it actually be possible to not only feel healthier and “younger” but also have a body that appears “younger”?  Yes, yep, oh yeah.  I’m putting the word “younger” in quotation marks for the moment as I want to challenge the way we think about the so-called aging process.  Put simply, physical decline is not inevitable and it has much to do with what we are expecting and the vibration we put out into the world.

I’ve written about this before and I’ll share that post with you as a good foundation for what I’m going to propose here.

Check out some reader comments on that post where they actually changed their appearance and reversed the so-called “aging process.”  

I’ve seen the evidence for myself that we do not need to buy into the common beliefs about “aging.” We can age chronologically without many of the physical changes that we’ve come to expect as a natural part of time passing.  In fact, we can even reverse some of what we thought were age-related changes, such as wrinkles and dark spots and creases.

The process is simple and you will also find yourself happier in the process!  Now that is a win-win!

1.  First, lay your foundation by developing clarity about what you want in your life, defining the “preferred version of you.”  Once you’ve made your preferences clear to yourself and the Universe, you’re putting out a different radio signal.  Write down those preferences and be very clear about what you want and especially why you want it.  

When you notice that you are having thoughts that are out of alignment with those preferences, congratulate yourself for noticing.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Take a moment to think about what belief was creating that negative thought.  Feel it.  Feel it fully and then find an accurate belief and better thought that represents the new and preferred you.

2.  Now, when you find yourself in a situation that is not what you would choose, realize that you have an option as to your next act.  HIT PAUSE before you react in a way that reflects a negative perspective that is not coming from the preferred version of you.

Just hit pause.  It’s not difficult.

When someone cuts you off in traffic you can lose your composure and allow it to ruin your day. Or, you could remind yourself that you prefer happiness and ease in your life, that it’s not worth it.  Your next thought might be that you have no idea what might be going on with that person, what difficulties they might have in their life.  And, you can remind yourself that maintaining your good vibration is your top priority. Rather than laying on the horn or burying your anger, you hit pause.  You feel the anger for a moment and then you decide that your next action will instead be to take a deep breath and focus upon the good song you have playing in your car.  Done.

When someone makes a snarky comment you can choose to hit pause.  You might feel annoyed. You let yourself feel it.  You can then remind yourself of what you prefer for yourself. You prefer peace, not that.  The next thought that comes to you will more likely be, that’s on them, not me.  That has absolutely nothing to do with me.  And, the next action you take will be to redirect yourself toward something that you want to pay attention to, not the snarky person. 

It will not take many positive actions in a row to yield positive results that build up enough momentum that then begins to overwhelm your old negative momentum.  

When you continue to hit pause and react from your preferred attitude and perspective, you will begin to see physical changes in your body.  Those changes will not merely be reflected in your appearance but the state of your health. Your body is a reflection of your consciousness; it will change to whatever degree you Allow it. 

Notice the changes as they begin to occur, which can begin in as few as three days.  Things can move more quickly the more you Allow the “Preferred You” to call the shots.  

When you change your consciousness, you change everything, including your energy level and the appearance of your body.  You can also be of huge benefit to the people in your life that you care about.  Why don’t you be the one to demonstrate to others that this is not only possible but absolutely an amazing way to live?

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