Feeling Unhappy? Change The Story You're Telling

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There are probably some areas of your life that make you feel happy, maybe very happy.  Then, there are probably some aspects of your life that you’re not so happy with at this moment. Typically, if you have a few areas of our life that are not meeting your expectations,  your overall mood, your vibe, is UNHAPPY. 

Many things can be going well in your life, yet those areas where you feel that you haven’t met your own expectations can lower your overall happiness level.

When you consider the different areas of your life that are important to you, ask yourself why you are happy or unhappy with where you are now? You might want to  write these conclusions down because your answers are likely to cause an "ah-ha" moment that can lead you out of that UNHAPPY zone.

Your momentum toward the things you want is often based upon the story you are telling yourself about your circumstances. 

Nearly everyone has at least a version of their story that has some sadness, blame, justification, regret or even guilt or shame.  Something went wrong, something did or did not happen and, if not for that, they’d have the circumstances they’d like to have.  There can be a feeling that life deprived them of something.  It may have been long ago but, if not for that, they think that they would have a lot more of what they want now.

So this story you are telling yourself about where you are now is beyond important.  If your life doesn’t fit that plan that you hatched, probably very long ago, you can feel less than happy.  This is particularly true if you feel that you have no power to change the current circumstances that don’t match where you thought you’d be now.

There are a few options here, of course.  You can blame others, blame yourself, blame the Universe, all of which lead to remaining right where you are while you continue to marinate in the anger, resentment or regret. 

A much better option is to figure out what you are going to do now to change your life.  Who said you are powerless to change things?

When you understand how the Law of Attraction causes you to create your own reality with the thoughts and visions in your head and the actions you take, it would be ridiculous to feel that you are powerlessness to change your circumstances.  The Universe gives you the creative power to raise your emotional level, your vibration, to be in line with your desires and have anything you want.

A much better option here is to revise that blueprint or life plan that you came up with when you were younger and didn’t know what you know now.  Does that schedule, that plan, really make sense now?  Is it really so important that each of those milestones has been met at this moment?  Or, is it possible to feel like it’s fine to be right where you are?  Could this moment actually be okay? It’s a temporary jumping off point.  It’s not your destiny.

The really important piece of this is that if you are thinking that you should’ve done more or better, that you are not where we are supposed to be, you are stuck where you are.  You’re sending out a vibration, a signal to the Universe of “something has gone wrong here,” which is not at all in alignment with your desires.  And, a slight change of perspective can change that and begin to create momentum toward actually having what you really want.

So, if you haven’t found the magical relationship you can be feeling like all is lost or that the Universe is at work on matching you up with the perfect relationship that is a match to who you are now. You can boost your feelings in the relationship arena by appreciating the close relationships you do have with other people in your life like friends and family.  And, when you are appreciating the relationships you do have, the perfect relationship is on its way.

If you feel you should be farther along in your career, you can feel like you will never make it or notice how far you’ve actually come.  When you focus on the progress you’ve made you will find yourself moving forward rather than remaining stuck.

If you thought you’d be living in your dream home you can choose to notice the things about their current home that you do love.  The change from regret to appreciation creates the momentum that leads to the manifestation of your perfect  home.

If you find yourself divorced, yet thought you’d be married at this stage in life, you can remind yourself that you weren’t happily married or you wouldn’t be divorced. You can then focus on the new freedom you do have and the other relationships you have in your life.  If it’s still important to be married, you can focus on creating the best version of yourself that will line you up with someone who is a vibrational match to your new improved you.  Being with someone else who is in alignment equals happy.   

So, you need to reflect on what you feel you are not happy about and decide that the old blueprint is just an old blueprint.

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You can decide that you can be happy in this moment, right now, with the other things that you can appreciate. You can reset your ledger of where you thought you’d be now.  You can set some new goals and let go of some that no longer fit who you are now.  And, then you can take those actions that are inspired by your new mindset, your higher vibration. Those inspired actions will lead to fulfilling those desires that make life exciting, that spark happiness.

This article was originally published at How to Allow. Reprinted with permission from the author.