Do Your Goals Feel Like A Huge Leap From Where You Are?


Do you find yourself standing where you are and imagining that you have quite a trek ahead to create the things that you really, really want to change in your life?

Does it feel like a long way from where you are to where you want to be?

Whether your goal is a new job, a new home, a new relationship, losing that weight,  becoming debt-free or financially abundant, it can feel like there are so many intermediate steps that need to be taken, so many things that need to line up, so much time that needs to pass, before you can actually have what you want.

But, who says so?

Really, who said it has to be difficult?

The refrain going through your head may be, “But it’s just so hard.”  Your tune might be, “I think I can get there but I have to {fill in perhaps ten steps here”} before I can get even close.”

You may think of these things as facts. Yet are those beliefs actually facts?  Or are they just beliefs you've picked up along the trail that don't ring true for you now?

If you think it’s hard, it will be. Period.

When you understand how the Law of Attraction works, that our energy and perspective create our circumstances, you can understand how this point of view could be slowing down the process of creating the life you want.

There is no such thing as an intrinsically difficult situation. You only experience it as hard because you defined it as hard, to begin with.  It’s the definition that creates the experience.  

When you find yourself saying that “It’s going to be hard to change, it’s going to be hard for me because I can’t ______ or I have a hard time with ________, “ stop yourself.  Take a moment and think about those statements.  They are only something you’ve been taught to believe or taught yourself to believe and you don’t have to believe any of that any longer.

Can you think of a few situations that you defined as inherently difficult from the outset and they were difficult, or maybe they continue to be difficult?  

I will definitely own up to that.

You might take a moment now to scan your horizon for situations that you have put in that category.  It doesn’t have to play out that way.  You can change your tune as of right now.

If you don’t choose to define an experience as difficult you will not have a difficult experience.  It’s that simple and it’s not um, difficult.

When you open your eyes to this new possibility that this thing that you want to create in your life does not have to be a long slog, jumping over hurdles, grinding away for months, years, you will see the opportunities available to make it much easier.

Your expanded lens will allow you to notice messages, synchronistic events, signs, new information, connections with helpful people, alternative paths.  

When you’re thinking “ugh, it’s just so hard,” those easier solutions are invisible to you.  It’s just the way energy works.

In addition to adjusting your mindset about just how difficult it needs to be, you can then take inspired actions, intermediate steps, to bridge what you formerly defined as a huge crevasse between you and the new job, new home, improved finances.  You can do things within your current circumstances that improve them to the point that they are no longer so different from where you want to go.

You can appreciate the job you have as you polish your resume and hone that skill you need for the new job.  You can appreciate the things you love about your current home and how it has served you just when you needed it as you create a plan for upgrading.  You can get ready to be ready.  

You can be at peace with where you are, imagining that it actually can be easy, that it was meant to be easy.  And, that is when the magic will happen. Remember that the big desire that you want is not a certain number of steps, months, years, opportunities away.  It’s only a vibration away.

And, armed with that perspective, you will be presented with the magic that makes it easy.  You’ll know just what to do when you need to do it.

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Deciding that you no longer have to define your desires as “difficult,” can be your breakthrough move.  You’re going to want to make that move.

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