Communication Problems, Couples/Marital Issues, Empowering Women, Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Self-Esteem



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Relationship Coach, Social Worker


Susan Saint-Rossy, MSW, LCSW, is a clinician, teacher, and mentor who works with couples and individual women. She is licensed in Washington, DC, and Virginia, and is available for in-person and video consultations and sessions. In her clinical practice she focuses on helping couples using the PACT approach (The Psychobiologial Approach to Couple Therapy). She has worked in private practice for more than 25 years in the States and in various countries around the world, including China, Russia, Botswana, and in India, where she helped train marriage counselors. Susan also works with individuals on relationship issues and trauma, using EMDR and other mind-body approaches.

In addition, Susan is a teacher and creative leadership mentor to womem, helping them with self-leadership, relationships, and community leadership, through her Harmonium™ program. She has perfected this transformational mentoring system based on her experience helping all kinds of women not just survive, but thrive. And she is particularly interested in helping women entrepreneurs succeed in their work and their relationships.

Susan became a psychotherapist in the mid-1990s after having two other careers that were interesting and fulfilling, but that she just wasn’t passionate about. She spent nine years at an international consulting firm as a management consultant and marketing director, helping companies become more efficient and profitable. With a PhD in English, she also worked for several years as an English professor, teaching writing and literature to undergraduates and graduate students. Many clients have expressed appreciation for the insights she offers from her previous careers.

In both previous careers she found that she was more interested in people and their stories than in the other aspects of the work.

This led her to the world of psychotherapy and mentoring. 

She now does the work that she was intended to do. She is passionate about helping people become better connected to one another so they can live less stressful, more creative, more purposeful lives.

Susan has contributed to and written articles in various publications, including The Moscow Times, PsychCentral, various blogs, and the book, “The Duality of the Modern Woman.” She has also been a guest on various podcasts and is available to speak about relationships, the issues of women leaders, and entrepreneurial couples.

You can email her at info@relationship-therapist.com or visit her website at https://www.relationship-therapist.com. If you are interested in her creative leadership work, you can follow this link to book a free consultation: https://app.paperbell.com/checkout/packages/2930.