Will We Be Working Till We're 80?


Retiring or working through 70s, even 80s?

With so many people still struggling to find work in this slow moving economy, those with jobs being quite frugal even during the holidays, and many losing much of their retirement funds... are we all going to be working just like today till we're 80?

I saw a tv news story of a woman who had always hoped she's retire in her 60s or even 70s, but now realizes she may have to continue working into her 80s.

How many people can imagine this?

I will say that it's always going to depend on the profession you are in. There are those who work to make a living and don't care much how, so long as the money comes each week. Others are professionals like Doctors and Lawyers and love their work, but will definitely find the right time to retire.

As a creative person I love what I do everyday and can't imagine a life where I'm not conceptualizing and creating. I do think a time will come when I will want to continue but maybe only for my own causes and not for others, but when? Helping others is part of what makes what I do so rewarding.

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