Stage Fright? Move Past The Fear And Accept New Challenges!


The FEAR set in, yes the stage fright. What to say, what to do, what to wear...

What gives us Stage Fright? Why is it that, what we want most to happen, then actually does, the nervousness and fear step in?

Most would say that I am a go-getter and outgoing. When I attend gatherings and conferences, I don't have any trouble mingling and networking. I can walk right up to someone and introduce myself or ask them about themselves. I enjoy being social both on and offline.

A few weeks ago I read about "Internet Week NY" and I came up with a panel discussion idea, asked four experts I know if they'd like to be on my panel and they accepted. So we entered! Knowing how many entries there were, I did it in fun.

We each have lots friends/followers and managed to post via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and they voted for our panel. The judges would decide of course.

Last week we received the news that out of 245 entries, 7 were selected, and 1 was ours! UNREAL!

So, the excitement was off the charts, running around, smiling, (a little whooping at first) and of course the panelists were excited also. Lots to do to prepare and get our panel solid so we present without a hitch.

But... wait for it...

The FEAR set in, yes the stage fright. What to say, what to do, what to wear... WHY?

I've been in business for almost 30 years, I have been a panelist, I have presented before to classes and other venues. So, what is it that makes us feel this way? It can't be that I'll not be able to answer, I'm sure I'd say something of value.

So, I have considered this for the past few days and the answer has to be the fear is coming from... can I give them what they seek?

I've talked with a few different people and the nervousness is going away now and is being replaced by excitement. How have I done this?

I've come to realize that I'm judging a fictious audience who will come for the fun and maybe want to learn something new. I realize that I have gained a lot of knowledge over 30 years and it's most important to share it with others. What's the point of holding back? How will others learn what you know if you keep it to yourself.

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So, I am ready to take on this bigger challenge and planning to meet my stage fright head on!