Offer Your Best Cookies And Others Will Follow


Keep active! Keep your mind spinning new ideas.Pile up those irresistible cookies and...

Everyday my email box is filled with tips and stories from a variety of entrepreneurs and small businesses owners, each with their ideas of what they think I (and others) need.

They go something like: "Are you stuck?" or "Not getting the results you want?"

The truth is, in order to survive in this stalled economy, you have to think outside the box.

Here are some tips that I do to keep fresh ideas coming and to make sure I'm helping my clients and they are helping me as well.

1- Think long and hard about what your clients really need the most and that you can offer. When I did this I realized there was an area I hadn't yet tapped into and started pitching it to my best clients. Each one I have called has signed on with this new plan.

2- Think about what you do better than anyone else and stop doing what you don't. Yes, there will be clients who ask, can you do this for me, and you will most likely say yes, but then when it comes time to do the work, you really don't want to. You can hire an assistant or intern to help or you can stop saying yes, and pass that work along to another business owner and focus solely on your best skillset. You'll be happier also.

3- Look for new clients in places you hadn't thought of yet. For example, if you just search online, how about looking at some of the businesses right in your neighborhood? I recently had to visit a repair shop and now the owner and I are friendly and will be doing some work together. I also tap into the acquaintances I have in assorted places and let them know what I'm looking for.

4- If you think you are wasting time on social media, maybe you aren't using it correctly. Start reading blogs and watch some webinars on ways to use social media for your business. Tap into community sites such as, Ozoshare (for green/eco types), Studio32 (creatives in film, theatre, art), Social Buzz Club and Social Media Examiner (social media and small business, entrepreneurs types), and even Meetups (I belong to a few and attend monthly meetings), Savor the Success (women entrepreneurs), etc... Many of these are free to join and open you up to new audiences.

As an entrepreneur, I'm always thinking of ideas, and I just talked this week with a friend about a new idea I had. Now I'll be working up a business plan and model and he and I will continue talking and planning, and then pitching!

Keep active! Keep your mind spinning new ideas.

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Pile up those irresistible cookies and they will follow!