What Is Your Level Of Friendship?

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Understanding friendships, acquaintances and the levels of friendship. Till you meet in-person...

Over the years I have had so many different kids of friendships. When we're kids we share toys and have fun sleepovers. As adults we can be friends first and trying dating second... oops, that doesn't really work now does it? Then there's the notion of becoming a couple and hopefully friends too, ouch!

When we're getting toward those middle age years, (did I just say that?) our friendships become very select. Our tight knit group that we hang out with most (like to watch the academy awards and superbowl sunday), and the outer circle of aquaintenances we've banded together that we like to meet and greet at parties or openings.

Then there are the people we think we can build an alliance, business or following with but it somehow doesn't work. It seems great at first and then collapses as does the friendship.

When you think about it, we have Facebook "friends" and people in our circles on Google+, and people we're connected to on LinkedIn and those we follow on Twitter. And now we're following each other on Pinterest and those vision boards.

These people aren't really "friends" in the truest sense of the word. They are just people we know and there's quite a difference. You may know their names, and maybe have met them, but they do not KNOW you and visa versa!

Until you've met someone in person, socialized and had long involved discussions and you both get each other, you are not "friends."

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So let's "social media" online less, and social "in-person" more in 2012! Because when you meet people for real even after you've met them online, it solidifies a true "friendship."