Holidays: Spending Time With Friends Or Families

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I'm home. Most years at this time I'd be on the road. Traveling to visit my sister and family.

But last year my friends and I spent Thanksgiving together and a week later I lost a friend and one of my friends, a brother.

My Mother always loved Thanksgiving and taught me how to make all the specialities my friends and family now request, but also left us right before thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is so very special to me. I choose to spend this holiday of bounty with the friends or family that need me most. This year it has to be my close friends so we can get past last year's terrible loss.

I miss my family and feel bad not being with them, but know we will catch up big time at Christmas.

How do you solve this dilemma? Do you have two Thanksgivings? One Thursday with family and one Friday with friends?

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