Discovering Who's The Perfect Client


In a recent webinar, the guest speaker asked us to think about the clients we'd had over a period of time. Which were the best and most fun, the ones that paid well and quickly, and the ones that bothered us to the point that we'd cringe when the phone rang.

When you take a step back and think about this, it's amazing the realizations you'll have.

Here's some of what I've discovered:

My best clients have...

a sense of style and taste.

respect others and their professions, and don't second guess like they could do it better.

don't think about doing it the cheapest way but want to do it the best way.

get to the point and are productive and efficient.

listen and discuss rather than tell.

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The next part of this which I will tackle this weekend, is comparing the clients characteristics with the mapping of my "zone of genius." As I discover exactly what I want to zone in on and with whom, my business is going to soar even higher. Try it!