12 Best Erogenous Zones To Keep Your Relationship Alive

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There are many obvious erogenous zones but let’s spice up our sex life & explore some new ones!

7) Blindfold your lover and they will experience new senses! Put headphones or earplugs in to make it even more of a unique sensation.

8) The Wedge is a specially designed pillow to enhance sexual pleasure giving new positions that you would not normally achieve without it. It also positions you so that the G-spot is much more easily contacted. This can help immensely for women that have problems achieving regular orgasms.

9) Ice cubes, feathers and heated lubricants are a very personal taste. Warm heat is always a great source & can help enhance the arousal time. (Be aware of irritants like peppermint oil or anything menthol!) Warmth from the sun, hot-tubs and any other heat substance will make all areas of the skin more alive.

10) For the more adventurous: Piercings on the nipples or genitals claim to help some people achieve arousing heights. A rubber “sting” whip, nipple attachments, paddles or light spanking for people who like to feel a “little” pain during sex. You might be surprised who does!

11) Oral stimulation to other areas "below the belt". Places you might not normally venture towards.

12) Experimental Kissing ~ gently nibbling the lips or the inside of the upper lip. Use your tongue to explore softly. Many people forget that “first base” back in high school was the most exciting part of sexual initiation.

Make it a habit in your relationship to kiss your partner passionately every day. Always try new things & change up the scenario. Make love outside once in awhile, find a secluded beach or hiking trail. People who celebrate their golden wedding anniversary will tell you how important sex always was in their relationship. Don’t ever get too busy that you forget about each other.

Susan McCord @ http://www.youtube.com/twobeavers

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