Clients are Looking for Therapists Online: Can They Find You?

I just did a quick search on Google’s Keyword Tool. This is a nifty tool to use when you are considering using Google Adwords to promote your website. You type in a word or phrase and Google tells you how many people are using those words in online searches for information on that topic.

In my search for search terms people use to find help in and around the internet, I discovered a HUGE discrepancy between the numbers of people looking for specific therapy/therapists and the number of therapists looking for information on how to build a web site.

Check out the numbers below. These reflect the actual numbers of a local search by these words or phrases in November 2009. “Local” means the United States.
Search word phrase Number of searches
Therapy website 2400
Counseling websites 1000
Psychologist website 720
Websites for therapists 210
Website for counselors 58

Now for those looking for therapy information online:
Search word phrase Number of searches
Marriage counseling 368,000
Couple counseling 18,100
Child therapy 49,500
Child counseling 22,200
Online therapy 74,000

It looks like a bit more than 4000 people are looking for information on building a website for their practice. But over 500,000 are looking for therapists online!!


Over half a million people need your help and expertise. Please don’t make it hard for them to find you….

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