Emotions Contribute To Health and Happiness

Love Yourself

Physical ailments may be the result of emotional trauma

Friendship with oneself is all important because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world”.   Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt

I believe sickness or health manifests in the way we view our world, our surroundings and ourselves.

What we think and believe, we hold onto.  What we do through action either feeds our soul or drains our life energy.   Like memories in a databank, our cells hold every trauma we have experienced in life.

The idea we are created with a mind-body-spirit connection helps us appreciate that what occurs on one level synchronizes in part at all other levels.

In other words, the link between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual senses is seldom separated.  Together these senses define how we feel about ourselves.  Combined they play a role in sickness and health.

“Our liver, the detox center of our body, holds onto anger.”

“The spleen, part of our immune system, stores excess worry, low self-esteem, as well as self-punishment.”  The spleen aids blood sugar and sweetness of life.

“Our lungs, the organs providing fresh air, embrace our grief, and unhealed separation.”

“The circulatory system pushes our blood and lymph, while hiding our self-denials, humiliation and indecision.”

“Our stomach camouflages the too high demands we have for ourselves, as well as the broken power we feel from others.”

“The gallbladder is bitter with resentment, yet, the flow of life provided by our kidney/bladder conceals our fear, anxiety, survival instincts and deep exhaustion.”

And let us not forget the heart.  “At the physical and emotional levels our heart constricts with any need we have for self-protection, unlived joy, broken trust or betrayal.”

The Biology of Belief is a motivator or downer.  It is as powerful as the Molecules of Emotion.  Each of us has a Sacred Contract with our life.

Your sacred contract captures your creativity, willingness and desires to change the world.  First you have to love and know yourself at the deepest of levels.  Otherwise you sell the farm, seldom reaping within all the goodness you sow for the outside world.

We all desire to be healthy, yet so many of us are unaware of just how much choice we have for this condition.

Personally, nutrition is more than food.  Nutrition combines the idea of self, relationships, career, family and food in order to maintain healthy boundaries, creative lifestyles, and uplifting scenarios.  How much we love and respect ourselves defines our connection with each of these categories.

Certainly some grew up in an environment that was hostile and less rewarding.  You might not have had the opportunity to see love in action in your early environment, however you have the ability to create the life you deserve, the life you desire and the life you see displayed in those mushy movies you hold dear, should you choose. 

We are not here to be controlled or controlling. We are not here as passive or dominating creatures.  We are here to live the best life we can with open communication, feeling and strength.  To do this, it is imperative to love thyself, as you love others.

Each of us has the ability to change our life, and our DNA.  As the authority, we can elect to boost our confidence and self-esteem or we can continue to deny that we are the creator of life itself. 

You hold the key to your health and happiness.  Don’t give it all away by listening to the voices of others over yourself. 

Without self-love, it is easy to become a victim of self-sabotage, missing out on the best events life has to offer.  Self-sabotage contributes to addiction, manipulation, avoidance, denial and suppression of the finer parts of you.

Be the hero of your life rather than the victim. 

Set healthy boundaries for yourself.  This is one way to gain a foothold for a path leading to self-love.  Learn to say no when you want to say no, say yes when it feeds you rather than exhausts you.

The next time you experience acid reflux ask yourself what it is that you can no longer stomach.  When you experience asthma (lungs), or you feel you do not measure up to others ideas of sweetness (spleen) review the situation of your life.

Ask yourself where you are giving your love away and getting nothing in return.  Get out of your head and come into the most important level of your soul - the heart.  Begin to hold tight all that you feel, not what you or others think of you.

This can set the stage for whether or not you are living the healthy life you deserve or whether you are a component of your own disease. 

As Buddha reminds us, “ If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” 

Susan Dykes is a compassionate intuitive healer who believes that with self-awareness we have a choice and with choice we find ourselves and our freedom. To learn more about Susan and her services, click here.