5 Ways To Get Ahead By Being Everyone's FAVORITE Co-Worker

Bosses promote people they like.

5 Ways Being Everyone's Favorite Co-Worker Boosts Happiness istock

There are countless articles out there about having a great relationship with your partner and children. But what about your relationships at the office? After all, we sometimes see our co-workers more than our own family. 

And though a separation of work life and home life is important, life on the job is far more enjoyable when you feel connected to the people you work with. 

So, how do you stand socially at work? Do people love you? Hate you? Or some combination in between? 


The only way to really enjoy life at work is to master those same exceptional communication skills you need for healthy personal relationships. Knowing how to motivate and inspire people guarantees that you always have the cooperation, respect and peace you need because you know how to create it wherever and whenever you need.

If, however, you feel frustrated when you walk into the office because you need more respect and cooperation, or if you feel hopeless because you need more appreciation and financial stability, it’s up to YOU to make it happen. 

The good news is — you absolutely can! Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a traditional employee, you can learn to generate the respect and rewards you deserve throughout your career.


Here's how to be everyone's favorite co-worker:

1. Communicate calmly and mindfully:

To insure that you are heard whenever you speak, learn to calm down and center yourself before communicating to anyone about anything at work.

I teach two different skills to accomplish this and each one allows you to shift from thinking of yourself as a victim to thinking of yourself as a very powerful person in the process of turning a situation around to your own advantage. When you’re calm and you learn how to be a powerful communicator, others will listen to you every time.

2. Create your own career path:

You always have the opportunity to improve a situation; any situation. People who suffer from severe, debilitating illnesses can have great careers and even people with limited connections can create new ones. It’s what you do with each and every minute of the day that shifts your results.


What can you do now that works for you (even if you don't love your actual job)? There are 8 billion people on the planet, so never feel stuck in a challenging situation, we have so many options. You landed in this situation because you had a blind spot at the time you took the job. But now you can change the situation with new skills.

And you can include prayers, too, if that is consistent with your own belief system; just don’t leave it all to “The Creator”, you must also be “the creator”.

3. Increase your LQ (likability quotient):

Yes, it's true — you need to be an expert at what you do, be entirely dependable and efficient. Yes, yes, and yes. BUT ...  ultimately the most important quality in the workplace is that you must be likeable because even if your boss likes your work, he or she still might look to replace you if you're a complainer or someone who is not seen as a team player.


This means that in every single moment you avoid gossip, you avoid non-politically correct commentary, you treat your co-workers with respect, and you remain as “presidential” in your delivery as possible, always thinking about your future in the company and how you can be seen as indispensable.

4. Become the peacemaker: 

Every team or group needs a peacemaker, and while you won’t become Mahatma Gandhi overnight, but mastering skills like The 6 Part Conversation provide you with the tools to actually make peace with anyone about anything and imagine how much more valuable that makes you to the boss and those around you.

5. Focus on specific goals:


The goal-reaching skills that I developed in 1999 allowed me to create this current company, my third successful business, and they are based on decades of experience, trial, and error. Most people who are wealthy do this naturally, they are always thinking about the next car, house, airplane, investment, etc. If you know that you don’t think that way and you are eager to become more successful in your career and more financially stable, then begin this habit today; you must focus on your desired results if you expect to have them.

Here's an easy goal-reaching example: By next month, my boss confirms that I am receiving a raise of $20,000 gross by the end of the quarter.

This format works because it says that you have the time between now and the date you set for the result to appear. It also allows you to become focused on what you specifically need and want. It doesn’t say anything about the process because you don’t have control over other people, and therefore the process isn’t part of this exercise.


When you put these 5 behaviors into motion, they become automatic.

And when they’re automatic, you’ll be amazed how fast your co-workers and boss start treating you with the greater good will, respect, cooperation, and appreciation. Once you consistently preform at this new level, the rewards will keep coming to you! 

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