Dealing With The Anger When The Relationship Over


There's a proper way to express anger when a relationship is over.

So, you’ve hit the end of the road. Now what?

No matter how you get here, you’ve left, or you’ve been left, when it’s over, it’s more often than not PAINFUL!

Divorce Rebuilding workshops, developed by Bruce Fischer, discuss the various rebuilding blocks for post divorce rebuilding and recovery. Building Blocks such as Denial, Fear, Loneliness, Grief and Anger (just to mention a few). The one that I want to focus on today, is anger.

Anger is a natural part of the Rebuilding process. As I said before, it doesn’t matter if you are the one that initiated the divorce. The truth is, in some cases those that initiate the separation may have the most anger. Anger is a natural and healthy part of the recovery process. It’s how you deal with your anger that makes a difference in how quickly you’ll be able to recover.

Easier said than done. Some people keep their anger bottled up inside them, eating away at their soul. Others express their anger in fits of rage. Still others express their anger through inappropriate behaviors such as promiscuity, excessive drinking, or other high risk activities. These behaviors can put you, your loved ones, and a healthy future, at risk.

If you have children, how you express and deal with your anger can mean the difference in how easily they adapt to the divorce, and how they express anger in their future relationships.

So, instead of lashing out, at your self, or your spouse / ex-spouse, try to look for alternative ways of expressing your anger. Below is a suggested list of ways to express your anger. Find a few that work for you and give them a try. Keep Reading...

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