Better Than "I Love You" – The Best Gift Ever


What could be more important to your relationship than saying "I Love You"?

You've heard it: I love you so much! What would I do if I didn't have you? You are so important to me. Those words that evoke so much emotion, and yet, can mean so little.

Don't get me wrong—saying "I love you" to someone is important, but even more important than the words is what comes next: your attention, being present. The best gift you can give someone you love is your time and attention. When you really love someone or something, you want to spend time with it, nurture it and care for it. Too often I see people taking for granted the person they profess to love the most. 

We are all very busy with work and other activites on our busy schedules, unless you were born into a fortune, ofcourse, and don't have to work for a living. But, that doesn't mean that you have to be consumed by it. Are you one of those that bring your work home with you every night? On the weekends? Do you feel compelled to answer your cellphone during meals? Or when doing an activity with your spouse? Do you take a "quick check" of your email when you're on vacation? Take a moment and stop to consider where your attention is and what message that's sending to your partner.

What are you focused on when you aren't focused on work? All too often I see couples that at the end of the workweek spend their weekends taking care of chores. Laundry, bills, shopping, cleaning. What if they were to take just 10, 20 or 30 percent of that time and focus their attention on their spouse? What might that feel like?

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to have someone focused on you? What are you interested in, what do you want to do, what are your thoughts about the future, what's been happening in your world? This attention says so much more than the words "I love you" ever could. And when you combine the words and the attention—WOW!

This December, why not give the best gift ever? Give the gift of you to someone you love. You might be surprised and what you get in return.

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