4 Relationship Tips You NEED To Remember This Easter Season

happy couple outside

The lessons of Passover and Easter have a lot to teach us about our love relationships .

Springtime always means that Easter and Passover are upon us. These sacred days should stand as symbols to us all about the greatest love. While they mean that, of course, they also can remind us of the fact that times can be tough, even for the most blessed. 

Times can be hard and unbearable, but the love for one another is what can bring you through the tragedy and turmoil that life occasionally brings.

Being in a relationship as a couple can be difficult sometimes, but that is the moment that is most important; the moment that we need to be there and support one another. Being in a relationship with another person is a powerful alliance that can help both partners endure and become victorious over life's troubles. The love that you show your partner can be just the help that your partner needs.

Keep these things in mind this holiday season:

1. Support one another.

Depression, sadness, loss of willpower, are surely exacerbated when partners are not supportive of one another. The love that God showed during Passover and Easter for mankind, is the perfect example of how we can reach out to support one another during dark days in our relationships.

2. You are in this together.

With a belief in each other anything is possible as long as you and your partner are in this together as a couple. Recognizing you are there for one another is critical in this.

3. Share your openness and vulnerability.

Your partner is looking for a relationship that they can always feel that their partner is there for them always. Doesn't this sound familiar? It is likely what you want in a relationship as well! We all need this and with your openness and vulnerability with your partner anything is possible.

4. Your partner is truly there for you.

When you act like that kind of supportive partner, it works miracles for your relationship. Both partners feel empowered, and secure. Nothing is more important than realizing your partner is truly there as your best friend and that he/she will do anything that would have you feeling that way.

We can take from the Holy Days of Passover and Easter that God loves us in the good and bad times. But please consider the power of your love for your partner. The importance of showing your love every day of your life together. You can strengthen and fully develop your relationship with your partner today and for always. Simply show the love that all of us want and more importantly need.  

Gut Yontiff and Happy Easter. 

Stuart is a Marriage and Family counselor with a private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. Stuart's practice is exclusive to individuals, couples and families who are having relationship difficulties. Stuart has advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy helping families who are having difficulty feeling close and connected to one another.

He assists families in finding ways to deepen their relationship by understanding what each person's needs in the relationship. He helps families develop a pathway to establishing a closeness where everyone feels important and special. For more information on his practice go to www.TheCouplesExpertScottsdale.com. You could listen to his iTunes podcast: The Couples Expert Relationship Podcast (click the link)

This article was originally published at The Couples Expert Scottsdale. Reprinted with permission from the author.