7 Easy Tips To Show Appreciation For Your Partner

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It's Husband Appreciation Day!

A worldwide holiday, celebrated on the third Saturday of April each year, Husband Appreciation Day is a holiday for those husbands who aren't "covered" by the more traditional Father's Day. It celebrates the man in your life who does so much for you all year long, whether or not he's also a father.

Unfortunately, not every couple is in a position to celebrate special days such as Husband Appreciation Day. Life's stresses and our reaction to them can trigger behavior that is destructive to our romantic relationships. Couples can begin to take each other for granted, or worse, treat each other in ways damaging to their bond.

It is important to show appreciation and love for your partner without emotional closeness, couples can drift apart and develop unhealthy patterns of communication. Through the short-term couple's therapy methods developed by Dr. Susan Johnson, known as emotionally focused therapy or EFT, a couple who is struggling with their relationship can learn how to heal their partnership as well as themselves.

Couples learn how to identify underlying emotions and emotional needs by working with a therapist, exploring emotions, reactions, interrelations, and behaviors. Couples learn to progress from suffering through dysfunctional relationships to experiencing a renewed, secure, and lasting bond by using EFT's collaborative approach

While there are many ways to improve your relationship, this holiday could be just the incentive you need to start letting your partner know how much you appreciate them—not only one day a year, but every day.

Tips For Showing Your Partner How Much You Appreciate Him:

1. Be A Friend

 Show interest in his interests. Go to the car show or wine tasting even if it is not your cup of tea.

2. Small Gestures Are Important

Don't forget to say "thank you" and "please." Take him a glass of lemonade when he's working on the yard or doing home improvement projects.

3. Physical Contact Keeps You Close.

Touch as you go by each other; hold hands when you are walking or are out to dinner. Sex is a big part of a healthy relationship—according to WebMD, a man enjoys being pursued sometimes, so be the one to initiate sex sometimes especially if that is not your usual role.

4. Celebrate His Successes.

Don't criticize or micro-manage when he takes charge of a task you usually do differently or feel like you could do better. Appreciate his effort.

5. Don't Stop Growing.

There are things you can do separately and together to keep your relationship fresh. Take a class (with each other or alone) and you will have more to talk about. Read to each other from news online or from a newspaper or magazine to learn about each other's views.

6. Laugh.

Don't take yourself or each other too seriously. Collect anecdotes from your day or work week to share with him.

7. Check-in With Him.

I know at times it may interfere with his schedule, but what's a better distraction than you coming to surprise him at work and having him know he is so important to you that you took time out of your day to see him.

Check-in with him by text or email each day to show that you are thinking of him. Don't use these as chore reminders just give a quick "hello" or "I'm thinking of you." Leave a note in his briefcase or under his shaving cream.

By practicing small acts of love, you can prevent big problems in the future and a marriage that can last forever. 

Stuart is a Marriage and Family counselor with a private practice in Scottsdale Arizona. Stuart's practice is exclusive to individuals, couples and families who are having relationship difficulties. Stuart has advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy helping families who are having difficulty feeling close and connected to one another.

He assists families in finding ways to deepen their relationship by understanding what each person's needs in the relationship. He helps families develop a pathway to establishing a closeness where everyone feels important and special. For more information on his practice go to www.TheCouplesExpertScottsdale.com.

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This article was originally published at The Couples Expert Scottsdale. Reprinted with permission from the author.