Three Cheers For Marriage


In a culture of marriage naysayers, married couples need some strong cheerleaders.

I have never been a runner. I don't think I'll ever run a marathon. Yet, it is interesting to hear stories of people who have run in marathons. The crowds cheer and scream for everyone, even the stragglers. Even the other runners encourage one another during the race.  It motivates the racers to stay in the game and to keep chugging through those hard miles. Personally, I think we need more of that type of encouragement for people who are married.

Today, I am writing to those of you who aren't married yet, but who have friends who are married, who know people in good marriages or going through a rough patch and maybe even thinking about divorce. I think we all know someone who is married.

Marriage gets a bad rap. Especially with the oh-so-fabulous media coverage marriage receives. It is tough to find anywhere to turn that is pro marriage. It’s been quite the year for marriage and I don't mean that positively. With Jesse James showing off with his new flame Kat Von D. and Tiger and Elin making a stop in Big D (and I don't mean Dallas), I believe that marriage needs some real fans.  Why Marriage Matters

Marriage is a good thing. Your spouse should be your best friend, biggest fan, lover, companion and advocate. When you’re married you have someone you can do life with on a day-to-day basis, to share the ups and downs. Someone to be with you when you're sick, to help you make the tough decisions in life, to celebrate the successes and stand by you during the failures. As hard as it can be, marriage is good. Marriage helps you financially, it helps with longevity, it helps grow you up. But in our day and age, some people treat marriages like the latest iPhone. If they are running an old version, why not just pitch it and get a newer model? 

I’m a married guy. I love my wife, but we are both human and there are times in our marriage when it gets tough and it might be easy to give up on the race. During those times, I need people who will encourage me to keep on going, to remind me of the good times.  How Love Letters Keep Us Connected

What I am saying is that we who are married need you to be pro marriage. We need you to say "YOU go Boy!You go home and love on your wife! Give her the attention she needs! or “You go girl! Love him enough to respect him, even if he doesn’t deserve it right now!"

Ladies, we need you. When a wife comes to you and rants about her husband, you should say: "I understand you are upset, maybe you should talk to him about it." Instead of, "Oh, he's such a dog, all men are evil, and they just want one thing."

Guys, we need you to say, "Dude, what the hell are you thinking? Get back home and don't even think about going over there and starting a conversation with that girl who is young enough to be your daughter. Think straight man. Think of the consequences."

Parents we need you to stand up for marriage too. Don't always take your kids side. Perhaps they need a bit of tough love like - "Well, son, maybe you should grow up and learn how to be a better man for your wife. You chose them, now choose to love them the best you can." Or, “Well, daughter, perhaps you should show him love in other ways, instead of always nagging him to do this or that. He might respond better to encouragement.”

Friends, don't say, "Oh man, the old ball and chain keeping you from going out tonight!" Change it to,“I totally get that you have a wife and kids. You need to spend time with the family! I get it!”

We need an encouraging crowd to surround us in our marriage. We have chosen to devote ourselves to one spouse for the rest of our lives. We need you to cheer us on. Give us high fives and fire us up to keep in the race another day. 25 Secrets To A Loving, Lasting Marriage

How are you going to encourage a married couple you know this week?