10 Ways To Tell If A Person You Know Is A MAJOR Debbie Downer

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i ruin everything

Crepe hangers hang storm clouds on everything.

Do you know someone who hangs storm clouds on every single thing in every single situation (even the cheeriest ones!)? 

And despite your best efforts to find silver linings, you know you won't see any rainbows until she's left the picture.

Here are 10 signs your friend is more than just gloomy, she's a full-blown Debbie Downer, killjoy crepe hanger.

1) You watch movies with her and she points out all the flaws. You wonder if she even enjoyed herself or the time spent with you.

2) She's always voicing her worries in life. It must be SO exhausting to live in such persistent dark times. 

3) Everything. I mean everything she sees, feels, hears and touches is racist or sexist. Possible even homophobic as well.

4) She over-analyzes everything.

5) She shares too much information about herself to everyone — no limits on or embarrassment for the horrible things they've uttered in public.

6) She is the queen of awkward silences.

7) Her so-called friends are "so-called friends." So if you hear her say I don't really have friends, you can understand why. 

8) Everything she says is negative. A dog could have given birth to puppies and she would say "I can't stand knowing all the details of giving birth. It's quite horrid if you think about it."

9) She has a big mouth. You can't trust her with a secret. She's so self-centered she pretends she forgot but truthfully she could care less that you've asked them not to blab your secrets. 

10) Give her the floor to start a conversation and the topic is about depressing current events or even their own sad life stories.

Ain't no sunshine could break through a crepe hanger's heavy dark drapes. You're best bet is to slowly walk away and have her rain storm clouds elsewhere.

h/t Gurl.com