All I want for Christmas: Three Ways to Re-kindle Your Romance

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Don't let your X-mas lights be the only thing glowing this holiday. Three tips to help you...

What do your romance and my fireplace have in common?


Nothing right now...Keep reading.


It's the holiday season, and a special time for most people.  Family and friends are present in abundance as are gatherings, goodies and great times.  But for some, this is a time to reflect on their relationships, and if you find yourself wanting things to be a little be "hotter," then, I have crafted these three tips (with a little dash of business and sales rhetoric) to help you put some passion into your stocking.


Tip one...Create of world of your own

Now, this is not necessarily a business tip.  But, it something that you can take to heart.  One key reason that couples begin to drift apart is because they have stopped sharing experiences.  As the months or years pass by, some couples become more settled and less spontaneous. This complacency takes its toll, and can rob even the most in love couples of their special connection.

How we make this happen: Is there something that only the 2 of you "get?" Is there something corny/frivolous/fun/silly that you can do together? Sometimes we have to turn off the rest of the world and create one of our own by sharing activities, jokes, love letters and other overtly romantic things.  This new courtship, so to speak, can start a whirlwind of a romance...even after years of being together.


Tip Two...Where's the followup?

Hey, life happens, I get it.  But what happened to all those AWESOME plans that the two of you made?

Any salesman knows that the best relationships require followup. Have you left things dangling in your relationship? Are there trips you thought of taking but never did? It's time to follow-up...and rekindle the adventurous, spontaneous or whatever energy that your relationship was founded upon.

How we make this happen: Have an "us ONLY" meeting.  No cell phones, no chats, no Twitter, nothing except a little (Smile), and remember those things.  Make a list, and choose 2-3 that you will do within the next 6 months.  Make a plan for all of the things that you need to "fire or finish*" for these things to take place (this way you have no excuses)...and start going for it!


*Fire or Finish- Is a term I use to say this needs to stop or this need to be completed.  If it can stand in the way of something that you want to do, then you have to either fire it or finish it, so that you can get back to what's REALLY important.

Tip Three...Consistency

It's easy to have one great date night or one long weekend, but don't stop there. 

So the romance is back and you're silly schoolkids again? Great. Don't ever let the fire go out. Even if life reduces your white hot flame to burning embers, throw some wood or gas or something on top of that, and start the flame going again.  Note: It is easier to rekindle your romance if you actually like each other.  The friendship you have will keep the fire alive.

How we make this happen: Sit down and craft a vision statement for your relationship, set goals and objectives....this will keep you both on the same page (literally). Once you agree...touch bases regarding this vision and hold each other accountable (in a nice way) to the awesome plans for your life together. Achieve your goals and CELEBRATE! This love's for you!