How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex [EXPERT]
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If they don't get the sex talk from their parents, they will get it somewhere else.

When you start the chat, ask if they have questions. Answer those questions. Then, give them facts.

Before you finish the discussion, leave the door open, "I want you to know, you can come to me anytime with any question. I want you to have accurate information and to be safe."

5. Laugh. Expect humor to happen. Sex is a funny topic. I still don't understand why we're all so weird about it. Even as adults, we make sexual comments and innuendos.

Your kids are doing this at school too. There will be joking and laughing. That's okay! Laughter actually releases stress and will help you get through this discussion comfortably. 

6. Teach limits. Teach them about self-respect and respecting others. In a world where kids are connected to technology as infants, many mixed messages are thrown at their impressionable brains.

Discuss what is and isn't acceptable in relationships. For example, "It's okay for a guy who likes you to flirt with you. It's not okay for a guy to call you a slut or comment about your breasts." "The talk" is just as much about the relationship with ourselves as it is about having a sexual relationship with someone else. 

You can handle this! You made it through and your kids need your support to make it through too.

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