Be Smart, Not Fearful, For Your Immune System's Sake

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How fear and panic can actually work against your immune system

In this time of global coronavirus panic, it’s easy to get pulled into states of anxiety and fear. Unfortunately, this further destabilizes your overall energy system by causing reactivity in the Triple Warmer Meridian.

In your energy system, the Triple Warmer Meridian acts like a guard at the gates, it is your first line of defense, always observing and prepared for action. It responds to perceived threats by pulling energy from the rest of the systems in order to coordinate a survival response. You know this response best as stress.

The Triple Warmer Meridian was designed to keep you safe in all situations, and it is not very discerning, therefore, depending on the circumstances, the stress response you have to an uncomfortable conversation with a boss or significant other can feel similar to the response you would have if a truck were coming straight at you.

The Triple Warmer Meridian governs your immune system. A strong immune system is the result of a well-balanced Triple Warmer working harmoniously with other well-balanced energetic components to create overall resiliency and stability. The key component in most situations is a balanced (not over-reactive or under-reactive, and not flip-flopping and all over the place) Triple Warmer Meridian.

Triple Warmer is at the root of panic and anxiety. It throws the endocrine cycle out of balance. It creates heat in the body - sweating, hot flashes, etc.  It pulls energy from the rest of the systems, further exacerbating any other imbalances, be they physical or emotional. It can throw you into "fight or flight," or take you out of it. This is a simple explanation of how stress can literally make you sick.

This is further compounded by the fact that your Triple Warmer Meridian will react to your own thoughts. Therefore, if you are in a state of anxiety or fear while watching the news, this will cause a stress reaction in your Triple Warmer Meridian, that sends fight or flight messages to the rest of the body. Now you are in a stress response. The stress response in your system creates more panic and fearful thought patterns on a conscious level, which further exacerbates the stress response. You see how this can quickly snowball.

This is why it is so important to keep stress low. This is why meditation helps people feel less stressed and affects their physical and emotional health. This is why when you exercise and relieve the tension and stress that is holding in your system, you feel better. This is why when you get plenty of rest, and your body has a full 8 hours of not being in a stress state, you feel better. This is why when you do Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine, you feel better, and you train your body to maintain a state of balance.

Keeping a good balance in the stress response/immune system is achieved by regularly reducing stress in some way, and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits. Anything you do to that end is helpful. If you have deeply ingrained stress patterns, you may need to enlist some assistance from a trained Energy Medicine practitioner to identify the patterns at play and find the specific things that you need to do to change your patterns.

This is not difficult, it is a matter of understanding how stress works in your energy system and being willing to put in the effort to correct your patterns. Ultimately it will come down to you taking care of yourself and creating good habits. The reward is a strong and resilient immune system.

All of this is to explain why it is much more beneficial to your immune system if you take a smart and proactive approach to dealing with the coronavirus outbreak, instead of a fearful approach.

Instead of staying in panic mode, do something that radically reduces your stress level, but please do it away from other people!

Why not take a day to do something you love - be creative, exercise, spend time in nature, lie on the grass and watch the clouds. It can only do you good!

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Paige Apgar is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and a Certified Transformational Life Coach who works with clients over online video and in-person to help them reclaim their vibrant, healthy glow and connect to their soul’s purpose. Find out more about her work with Energy Healing by visiting her website or contacting her via email.