A Really Cool Tip To Help You Get Things Done!


Part of Sophie Keller's 'How Happy is' series.

All of us have such busy lives and sometimes it may seem like we get so little done in a day. Here is a short, but very good tip to help you to accomplish all the tasks that you set yourself.

1. Excitedly, write your goals of what you want to accomplish in list form the day before  you wish to accomplish them. This is really important, so you will be ready to go the next day. Also a little bit of excitment in the task never did anyone any harm!

2. Put numbers next to your goals in order of importance

3. Put a little cute star next to all the tasks that will take less than 2 minutes, so you can do all of those first. You could get 5 tasks done in less than 10 minutes. Can’t tell you how satisfying it is to get on a role quickly!

4. The next day, joyfully tick off your tasks as you fulfill them.

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