Years in Practice

6-10 years


Singapore SG 048619 - Singapore



Additional Expertise

Divorce Recovery Coach, Marriage Coach, Parenting Coach

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Divorce is about you and your heart, more than lawyers and finances.

About Sonyan White

Sonyan White is a highly trained and experienced Conscious UncouplingCoach with a unique ability to connect with her clients and speak directly to their individual needs.

Sonyan specializes in working with women with children who are ready to work with an expert in helping them parent well through divorce while still taking care of themselves. Her passionate and personalised, solution focused approach has made her renowned amongst clients worldwide.

She quickly set herself apart as the first and only Conscious Uncoupling coach in all of Asia, where there is a fast growing need on the continent for a coach in their time zone. Sonyan’s experience of going through divorce as a UK transplant in Asia has also allowed her to become a guiding light for many expats facing divorce in a foreign country away from their support network at home.

Sonyan is also one of only four certified High Performance coaches in Asia, a PCC and ACC Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, a Solution Focused Master Coach, a Brief Therapy Practitioner. She holds an Honours Degree in Chemical Engineering from Manchester University.

Sonyan brings her unique wisdom, experience and expertise into creating a coaching relationship with her clients rooted in deep trust, acceptance and a mutual commitment to healing the pain of her clients resolving roadblocks and manifesting the life they love better than the one they are letting go.

Liberating yourself from the pain of divorce and creating a future that you love more than the life you are leaving behind is what matters most right now. Parenting your children so that they are safe, healthy, happy and emotionally secure matters deeply to you too. Visit Sonyan’s website if you are ready to work with an expert who can help you get there.