The Next Big Step For Celebrities In 2016

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Another year, another scandal.

With every New Year, there is a new number energy that has a direct impact on your life. If you're living a number 3 year, your life will be very different than if you are living a number 8 year.

We call this number that changes with every New Year, your Next Best Step (NBS) number and understanding what this number is can be a great predictor for the year ahead as well as giving you guidance for what to do and what to focus on for love, happiness and success.

 Two people we know will be having the race of their lives in 2016. Donald Trump is throwing all his resources into winning the US presidential race. Usain Bolt, also known as Lightening Bolt, has the challenge of the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Brazil where he has the chance of becoming the first athlete ever to capture 3 gold medals in 3 consecutive Olympics in the same events.

What could their 2016 Next Best Step number reveal about their chances of making this happen? What is really interesting when calculating their NBS number is that both men have the same number for 2016; and both Donald and Usain are in 2016 races that will mark their place in history.

For both Donald and Usain, the energy of number 2 is about respect and belonging. 2016 will be a year of big changes for them, but will they be good positive changes or will they be disappointing? The way to get the most out of 2016 for them will be to align themselves with the energy of the number 2.

What does respect and belonging mean? For Donald Trump, to achieve his goal of presidency in 2016, he will have to mend the bridges he has burned.

Respect and belonging, means being a positive and contributing member of the groups and communities that you wish to work with. At this time, the GOP is apparently gearing up to stop him winning this race. It seems that ‘the Don’ is not following the party line on critical issues particularly in the areas of women and immigration. To succeed in 2016 he will have to make this change. 

For Usain Bolt to accomplish his gold medal goals, he will need to align himself with this energy of respect and belonging. According to his own website, he is the most naturally gifted athlete the world has ever seen. Lightening Bolt could indelibly establish his name as the greatest athlete of all time with repeat wins in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay.

For 2016, Donald Trump and Usain Bolt need to be respectful to others; they need to belong, really belong and to be contributing members of community. That’s how they will win the race of their lives.

In 2015 Bradley Cooper made the list of the most influential people in the world but the once married and frequent dater of beautiful women, may make 2016 the year to take himself off a list…. that of the most desirable bachelor.

Bradley has been dating Irina Shayk for five months and it looks like things are getting more serious. Over the Labor Day weekend Bradley introduced Irina to his mother and from all accounts this was a very positive get together.

For Bradley his Next Best Step number for 2016 is 6 and this is all about purpose and meaning and about sharing his quest for meaning in life. 2016 will be a nesting year for Bradley Cooper, a year when he must stay heart centered and compassionate and make home a refuge. Sounds like a great year to make a relationship commitment and create a nurturing home environment.

For Irina her NBS number for 2016 is 7 and because this is about faith and trust, 2016 may be the time to let go of her betrayal by Cristiano Ronaldo and see Bradley as the right man for her to trust again.

Taylor Swift’s Next Best Step number for 2016 is also 7. Tay Tay has a big year coming in 2016 with the release of a new album and the continuation of her current 1989 World Tour. The biggest challenge for Taylor in 2016 is deciding how much she wants to stay on top as the world’s favorite pop star.

2016 will be a year of intangibles for Taylor Swift, what she believes in will become much more important to her than material satisfaction. What she believes about relationships, about how she treats others, about faith, about the environment  — these beliefs will take center stage for her.

Taylor’s next best step in 2016 will be to use her voice to share her beliefs and to have faith and trust in what she believes. In 2016 Taylor she must take time to be alone for rejuvenation and it may be a time to take a well-deserved break.

2016 will be a different year for Kendall Jenner, who is famous for being part of the Kardashian clan and part of the Kris and Caitlyn Jenner circus. Kendall, at only 19, is having an impact in the fashion world both with her modeling and branded clothing. Apart from modeling at New York Fashion week, Kendall with her sister have officially unveiled their new Kendall + Kylie shoe collection which is set to come out spring 2016.

Kendall is making full use of the fact that she is famous for being famous and turning it to her business advantage. Her Next Best Step number for 2016 is 5 and this is about giving and receiving support.

The key here is giving AND receiving. She should be open to both giving and receiving support, finding others to support as well as expecting support from her acolytes.  With a 5 Next Best Step number in 2016, Kendall can only expect support from her fans and customers if she is seen to be providing support for them.

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