6 Hacks To Get Creative Even When You Think, "I Can't Make Anything"


Creativity isn't a skill it's a mindset. Find the "start" button for your hidden creative self.

As the ultimate creators of life, we women have a true need to “make stuff”. We hear our sisters-in-spirit say, “I want to make something but I’m just not creative”. 

Everyone is creative! Creativity is in each of us (yes, we mean you) just like the ability to think or speak or love

It’s interesting that in workshops those who declare themselves, “uncreative” are the women who come up with the coolest stuff.  What people actually mean when they say, “I’m not creative,” is “I don’t know what to make and I don’t know what to use to make it.”  That is all about technique not creativity.

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. No matter our talents, education, background or abilities, we each have an inherent wish to create something that did not exist before.” - DIETER F. Uchtdorf

Creativity doesn’t have to mean writing a book or creating a painting. How do you create a great dinner with a pound of hamburger, 2 carrots and a pint of milk? How do you get 6 things done on a day that only allows for 5?  Now that takes some creativity.

There is something in us from childhood that needs to take nothing and turn it into something.  We need our “Mom’s refrigerator door” moment when we show others what was in us and dared to come out.

According to New York Times Article review on book ‘Wired to Create’, the art of creating is “both deliberate and uncontrollable, mindful and mindless, work and play.”

Even those of us who call ourselves “artist” have the same chain and anchor around our neck asking, “Is it good?” “Is this worth the time I’m spending?” “Who am I kidding”  They ask it like it is some sort of science when there is no such critter.

Have you ever been in a gallery, looking at a piece that all the reviewers are raving about and you are thinking, “I don’t get it”?

Then on the other side have you ever stopped on the sidewalk watching someone make beautiful pieces of art, with a tip jar at his side as you think, “Your work is awesome, why are you not famous?”

So good is irrelevant.  The question is, "Did you express something inside of you that needs to come out?"  "Did it feel good?"  "Did you want to do it some more and did you have fun?"

Now, if you have never made anything, where do you start? If you have made things that felt like disasters with sprinkles on top, how do you start again?  How do you get those creative juices flowing when you are pretty damn sure that they are non existent? 

So how do you get creative? Start with these 6 simple hacks:

1) Take a field trip to a local art supply store. 

Don’t even get a cart.  Just look around.  What creates a little spark of, “oooh, what’s that?”.  You don’t have to know how to do anything just notice what is calling to you.

2) Write it down.

Make note of the brand and color.   Don’t know what it is or how to use it? No worries.  You’ll research it when you get home.  Right now all that matters is does it interest you, does it create just a little excitement in you, does it speak to you?

3) Take your list of yummy interests to your computer.  

Start doing Google searches on the medium (artist word for the materials you use to make stuff). What do you do with it? How is it used.  Check out YOUTUBE for tutorials.  Before thinking about, “can I do that?”  ask yourself, “Does this excite me?”

4) Whatever you picked, buy the simplest and cheapest version of it. 

This is not a time to be worried about wasting product or being skimpy with your fun.  Buy enough to play, be wasteful if need be and really get a feel for it.   The point here is to get your hands in the stuff, play and experiment.

5) Now, did you like, it?

No? Then throw that stuff away and go back to step one to pick something else. Yes? Then back to the internet.  Look for books on the subject, project lists, Put a call out on facebook for anyone else who likes your pick for creativity.

6) Practice, play, practice, play, read, discover, research, practice, play, play, play. 

Now notice nowhere on that list was, “Ask someone if what you are doing is any good.” The more you do your creative play, the more skilled you will get at the medium.  How far you care to take your new hobby is up to you. The first question will always be, “Am I enjoying doing this?” “Does this feel good?”  “Does this express some piece of who I am?” “Do I want to do it again?” Now look at you being all creative and stuff. 

Jennifer Hunt is a Certified Holistic Life Coach that helps women find the missing pieces of living an authentic, abundant and joyful life.  Who would you be if you knew who you were? Answer your own questions in a powerful, effective and fun way. Schedule your FINDING YOU call and visit www.sistersofearthandsky.com for exploration, inspiration and playfulness.

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