Why your girlfriends are probably giving you bad advice


I know that other women will disagree with me on this subject.  The truth is ladies; most of us are inherently emotional creatures. Biologically we are just built that way. Women are always quick to offer their advice and opinion. Regardless of their experience or expertise, your best girlfriends, co-workers and yes even your mom can have you thinking that their insight is above reproach. Although they mean well and have your best interests at heart (or so you hope), sometimes your “go-to’s” are not the best sounding board for dating advice. When it comes to seeking advice from other women about dating, remember to take a few things into account before acting on their so called seasoned opinion.

  • Always trust your gut first.  You are your own best sounding board in regard to what you feel or think.
  • Consider the source.  This is someone who is personally involved in your dating life.  They are not exactly impartial.
  • Take their opinion as an opinion, not as fact.
  • Don’t immediately act on their advice.  Consider all sides before you jump the gun.

Who not to ask for advice? “Take it with a grain of salt” is the applicable saying that comes to mind here. The top three types of people to stay away form for advice: (Because we all have a friend or know someone likeWhy your girlfriends are probably giving you bad advice this). 

1. A person who is currently unhappy about themselves or their relationship isn’t the best person to ask for relationship advice.

2. Any person who tends to be jealous or seems to compete with you.

3. The friend who doesn’t truly understand who you are and what you are looking for in a relationship.

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