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Top 3 Reasons Nice Guys Finish Last


Why do women like a**holes? What is it that attracts them?

It's an age-old question, really. One that frustrates both sexes..."Why do women like a**holes?"

In the past year, I've had four friends start dating great guys. I mean, the type of guy that you want to see your friends end up with. All four of my friends had the same initial trepidation: "He's just so nice." This wasn't a complaint, but more of a confusion. And when this confusion sets in, it begins a series of "Am I Crazy" questioning for being suspicious when a guy brings flowers or gives a sincere compliment. Or even just plans and follows through on a date.

A woman isn't crazy for questioning a guy's motives when he's super nice. And while I don't think that women, deep down, want a jerk who's going to treat them like an iPhone 3, there are definitely valid reasons for the hesitation when Nice Guy comes along.

Do women like a**holes? I'd really like to believe no. But, here are three reasons why nice guys scare us.

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