Why dating someone who is separated is a bad idea

Are you willing to put up with the baggage of someone who is separated?

I didn’t think I minded dating someone who is separated…until I did. It’s been my experience that dating someone who is separated is a bad idea. I’d wait until those divorce papers are signed sealed and delivered before investing your heart and precious time into a relationship with someone. There are those people who have been separated for years and never plan on getting a divorce for whatever reason, that’s your choice and I respect it but I’m not going to date you.

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Meddling Much?

If details of the divorce are still in the negotiation process then the soon to be ex can still have some power in YOUR relationship. I dated a guy who was separated for a little under a year when we’d met. He was so mindful of upsetting the ex-wife because he wanted to keep the peace for the sake of the kids, he was always very concerned about HER feelings, the result of this was whatever she said; goes. She was a reasonable dictator, I give her that, but our relationship was still under dictatorship. He allowed it.

Emotional Baggage

If they’re recently separated then they need a bit of time to heal. I think, everyone who is getting out of a relationship needs some ‘me’ time to reflect and put yourself back together before venturing out into the battlefield.

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