Why are there so many dating sites?

Online dating means big business. In 2011 online dating brought in revenues in excess of $932 million to the United States. Why? Because people want to find the one! After such popular films like ‘You’ve got mail’ and the continued mission to not be single there has been an explosion of online dating sites. The newest versions of online dating sites have been born as niche sites. These cater for absolutely everything and anything but specifically target one or two areas.

Niche dating could be about your background, your religion, if you are a TrekKie or not, if your hair colour is red, if you are a dwarf, even if you are a submissive woman. These sites would claim that because they have narrowed down the variables from a general dating site to exactly what you are looking for that you have a greater chance of success.

Has everyone forgotten the term opposites attract? Niche dating sites work well on paper and in practice but we at Singles Warehouse still think it’s a good idea to mix it up every now and again. You must decide what you are looking for and then search for the site which most makes sense to that goal.

The growth of online dating is not stopping. In fact more sites open up every single day trying to promote all the great things that dating can bring. The simple reason for online dating sites huge success is supply and demand, much like anything that you buy. After doing your research as to what site you should join we’d recommend before you pay anything to have a week’s time playing on the site. How many new members do you see joining, what messages are you getting? These are all great signs of just how well an online dating site can perform.