When you reach a crossroad in a relationship


Are you ready for the changes that your relationship is presenting to you?

Sometimes the future sneaks up on you sooner than you predicted. You really have two choices when a serendipitous opportunity is right at your fingertips. You can hide your head in the sand like an ostrich, too overwhelmed with anxiety over the unknown to look it in the face —or in reality, sprint away from the situation with fear. Or you can raise your head, unfurl your wings, and trust where the wind will take you after removing the safety net of the well-trodden ground beneath you. When you reach a crossroad in a relationship, are you an ostrich or eagle?

Find out if Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have figured it out or if they should break up.

Curiosity Opens a Door

“I wish I hadn’t seen this,” The Warrior Poet said to me over Facebook chat a little more than a week ago. Oh no, I thought to myself. Which blog post has he read now? I hadn’t written anything particularly contentious in a while, I thought, but you never know.

“I found the perfect apartment for us,” he said, “but of course, the timing is a little off.” Barely a month-and-a-half since we’d reunited after our brief break-up, we were still treading lightly when it came to big decisions or taking any next steps forward.

With my curious encouragement, he sent me the link to the ad for the place. I had to agree with him that it did sound perfect for us: A huge second floor to a home, two bedrooms, a “ballroom,” a sizeable kitchen and washer and dryer in the unit, with gardens and a pool outside. It sounded too perfect not to at least check it out, so WP sent off an email.

We tried not to get excited. As awesome and romantic as it was to ponder the joys of creating a new definition of “home” as the place just for us, there was still the looming question:

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