What Women Want in a Man

Let's just clear this up right now! What do women TRULY want in their men?

We would like a man to cross the room after making eye contact to say hello… We love the grand gesture that makes us feel special.

Is it always about what the women want or can the men choose too?  Here's Leonardo DiCaprio's type.

What Women Want in a Man…

Women want a man that has integrity and values, can be trusted and is honest. No woman wants a self centered, selfish man that constantly thinks of his own wants and needs.  Women feel that you have to earn their trust and your actions will show if you have the values she is looking for in a potential partner.

A healthy self assured woman will always be looking for a true partner. A woman is attracted to a confident, masculine man. This does not mean arrogance or narcissism, but a certainty that he is comfortable in who he is and what he has to offer.  Women love to be treated like a woman with respect and appreciation. Women do not want to make every decision and enjoys when a man can take over and take care of things, not all the time but a balance that allows for each to have control at times, not one consistently over the other.

Women want someone that enjoys life and has a healthy balance of work and play. Both men and women need to be needed and feel as though they are appreciated for what they offer a potential partner. Women want to feel sexy and desired and need to be told that they are desired and wanted.  Women need to feel that they are understood and the key to that is communication.  Women want a man that can be comfortable whether in jeans or a suit and in different social situations.

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