What Not to Write on an Online Dating Profile


We've got a few pointers on what you should not write about...

Online dating has exploded in the last few years. It’s no longer considered a mad thing to do when you sign up to find love online. In fact it’s an old stigma is fast disappearing. With the increase of online dating sites has come the increase in articles on what you should do when online dating. They are full of how to take the best online dating profile picture to writing the perfect man capturing profile. So we thought today we’d turn things a little on their heads and tell you about the things not to write on your online dating profile.

The Ex

The Ex is the ex for a reason. Keep it that way. You don’t need to write about him on your online dating profile and no guy really wants to read it instead why not talk about the things you are hoping to find in your relationship so that the guy reading it will have something to connect with.

Marriage in Six Months

People to get married when they meet from an online dating site so if this is a goal of yours then that’s fine. What you should avoid doing is writing all over your profile about your life plan and how you have 6 months and 3 days to get married. This is most likely to send men running away. Feel free to mention that marriage is a goal but tone down the crazy.

Cats and Dogs do not lead to the Birds and the Bee’s

OK a sentence about your animals is fine. I for one have five dogs and think it’s fair that I let anyone I am about to date know that I have those pets however it’s vital to avoid talking about being the crazy cat lady. Some guys are looking for a dating lady and not the cat lady.

I’ve Never Tried Online Dating

People who start their online dating profile with “I’ve never tried online dating because I think it will never work” should be shot. Yep! Shot! Why because they signed up to it. Don’t start your online dating experience with a negative approach and certainly don’t feed that negative energy to a potential date. You are more likely to get a great response from someone who is interested if they feel you are serious and want to be dating.

That’s it really. Keep the cats in the house, the ex in the past and marriage in the future. Online dating is the number one way to meet people in the modern age so get online and start dating.